Dear reader

The Atlas is pretty much ready for use. As I’m now working in a different project I unfortunately don’t have the time to update the indicators that are presented in the Atlas (most time series are up to 2007). Of course, proposals for a joint collaboration paid for by a (European) research funding agency (e.g. ERC) are always welcome.

I hope that this atlas may be of interest to a broad public, particularly fellow researchers as well as policy makers and students.



Dear fellow social science researchers and others interested in recent divorce trends

Despite the large amount of scientific literature that has been written and the regular publications of statistical yearbooks (e.g Eurostat) that offer tables, graphics and maps on demographic indicators – divorce included – scholars lack a monographic publication that offers a geography of divorce and post-divorce indicators for Europe, i.e. maps, figures and tables that visualise the changes that have taken place in European countries in the prevalence of divorce and repartnering, among other events.

The initial idea was to do just that, produce a European atlas of divorce indicators. However, due to other research commitments it never got to the stage of publishing the results in a professional way in bookform. While the goal is still to make such an atlas, in the meantime this blog has been created to provide for anyone interested maps, graphs and tables of different divorce and post-divorce indicators as well as a general descriptions of the trends and country-differences. In addition, the data that were used can also be download (including an explanation on how each indicator is calculated and mention of the original data sources).

Jeroen Spijker